Ukraine has been resisting Russian aggression since 2014 and has successfully countered Russia’s full-scale invasion since February 2022. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the Territorial Defence, the Security Service of Ukraine and other paramilitary organisations are giving a decent fight back to the occupying country.

During the military aggression, Ukraine receives regular military support from Canada, the United States, Turkey, the United Kingdom and many other countries, both in the form of weapons and trainings. Together with the courage of the Armed Forces, this will ensure Ukraine’s victory over the occupying army.

But Ukraine’s victory also depends on how well its citizens are prepared to defend their lives and resist.

It is important to know what each of us can do in these difficult circumstances. This applies especially to situations where there is a direct threat to life and the police, ambulance, rescue and other services are forced to work in an emergency mode.

This guide contains practical advice on how to prepare for life under martial law and how to act in emergency situations.

Please read it carefully, analyse it and plan your actions.

Phone numbers of rescue and emergency services

112 — The single number for calling all emergency services

101 — Fire service

102 — Police

103 — Ambulance

104 — Emergency service of the gas network

0 800 501 482 — SBU hotline