Check the bot

Some of the safe chatbots on Telegram already have a blue verification mark Verification mark. However, not all of them have it yet. If you don’t see it and you’re not sure if the bot you’re using is genuine, check it out here: 👇🏻

This is a database of verified state and volunteer Ukrainian chatbots. It will help you determine whether the chatbot you are using is genuine. Some of the safe chatbots on Telegram already have a blue verification mark. However, not all of them do yet. 

If you don’t see this mark and you’re not sure if the bot you’re using is authentic, check it here. To do this: 

  1. Enter the name or link of the chatbot in the search field and click the search button.
  2. The site will show you whether the chatbot is real and how many clones it has.
  3. If the bot is not in the database and it seems suspicious to you, report it to the cyber police – @stopdrugsbot (chatbot on Telegram). Experts will check it out.

Watch the video tutorial on how to use the tool 👉

Important information for the media, bloggers and all citizens who photograph or write about the war and the army

What is strictly banned for the media to cover in wartime:

  • Names of units and subdivisions, as well as their location
  • Number of military personnel in units and subdivisions
  • Number of weapons and equipment, their condition and storage location
  • Conventional designations of objects

Any information about:

  • Operations that are being conducted or planned
  • The security and defence system of military units
  • Available protection of the military such as: weapons and equipment (except visible or obviously distinct)
  • Procedures for engaging forces (military) and means (weapons)
  • Collection of intelligence data
  • Movement and deployment of troops (names, numbers, routes)
  • Military units and their tactics, methods of action
  • Unique operations and how they are performed
  • Effectiveness of enemy electronic warfare
  • Postponed or cancelled operations
  • Missing or downed aircraft, ship, and search and rescue operations
  • Plans for the safety of our troops (disinformation, disguise, countermeasures)
  • Conducted or planned information and psychological operations
  • Propaganda or justification of Russia’s large-scale armed aggression against Ukraine

Don’t post on social media:

  • The consequences of enemy missiles or shells hits or the moments of their flight in the sky. This will help the enemy to correct their fire.
  • Time and place of “hits” (neither in publications nor in comments).
  • Data on the work of Ukrainian air defence.
  • Photos showing the numbers, special markings and markings on the destroyed or downed enemy equipment.
  • Unverified information about casualties or deaths.