Regardless of whether the Russians will strike a devastating blow to the Ukrainian energy sector this winter, Ukrenergo advises everyone to save electricity now. After all, the system, which was constantly put out of order last year, needs gentle loading.  Simple steps taken by each of us will help to support the power system, and as a bonus, reduce the numbers in our bills. Dmytro Lytvynenko, an energy efficiency specialist, shared his saving tips with

  • Why save electricity?

    If we generate less electricity, we need to consume less of it. There are peak hours: in the morning from 8 to 10 a.m. and in the evening from 8 to 10 p.m. It is important to reduce consumption during these hours as much as possible. 

    Calls to consume less electricity at night are not justified. This will not help the power system. Because the load on the system at night is minimal. On the contrary, we should develop a habit, for example, of doing laundry at night. If your washing machine is silent. It’s not so much a question of saving money, it’s a question of safety and stability, so that the system doesn’t “lie down”. Therefore, we need to reconsider our habits and help the system to be stable, as Europeans do. We need to remove unnecessary things from our everyday life that put a strain on the power system.

  • How to save electricity in an apartment building?

    Residents of an apartment building need to understand that they don’t live in an apartment, they live in a house. In this case, individuals will not save much on their own.

    Instead, if you all save together, it will work. You need to look at shared areas. People take care of their own apartments, install LED lamps, and meanwhile, there may be super-powerful incandescent lamps in the entrance.  However, it’s time to get out of the paradigm that the entrance is not yours and you don’t need to do anything to save energy. 

    In fact, we consume a lot of electricity in shared areas, especially during peak hours. In particular, when using lifts. Therefore, if a person lives, for example, on the 8th floor and needs to go downstairs, it is better to walk.

    And if the light in the entrance is constantly on, it is necessary to install motion sensors so that it doesn’t remain on at night. And it would turn on when a person walks by. The same applies to the adjacent territory. 

    It is much easier to solve these issues when a housing cooperative is created in the building. Even if not, it is a minimal cost for all residents. The energy efficiency of apartment buildings starts with the lamps in the entrance.

  • How to save electricity in an apartment?

    The main thing, in my opinion, is to get used to the fact that +22 or +23 degrees in an apartment in winter is not normal. 17 degrees is enough. And we often use electrical appliances to heat the air further.

    In addition, most people have boilers, they are often electric and also consume a lot of electricity. My advice: don’t take a bath – use a shower. 

    We are used to heating a full electric kettle of water when we want tea. As a result, we drink 300 grams, and the rest gets cold. Make it a habit to heat as much water as you need for one time.

    Don’t try to switch on electric heaters during peak hours. Unplug devices (laptops, phones) as soon as they are finished charging.

    Defrost the fridge if there is a lot of ice, as then it uses much more energy. A full fridge also consumes more. Nowadays, everyone wants to stock up, but it’s better to stock up on canned food and buckwheat rather than food that should be stored in the fridge or freezer. 

    None of this is difficult. If we learn not to be wasteful in the little things, we will become so in the big things, and as a result, it will become the norm in our society.

  • Is it reasonable to install electric heaters now and what is the alternative?

    Nowadays, apartments are often equipped with 5 kilowatts, and that’s it. One electric heater can consume 2 kilowatts. If you switch on several other appliances along with it, you may burn out the electrical wiring. Besides, it’s a bad idea to depend on an electric heater, as cutting off the city’s electricity is the easiest way for the enemy, and they will do it primarily. 

    It is better to buy a rubber heating pad, boil water for it with a gas stove and take it under a blanket. You will be warm even if the room is 16 degrees.