Your help during the war is vital. It saves lives and brings the victory closer.

For your help to be more effective, please follow simple rules:

  • The best you can do now is to help financially. But donate your money only to trusted volunteer organizations and official NBU accounts.

  • Trust the requests for help only from the people you know personally. If you don’t know the person, check them carefully. Message them directly, ask your mutual friends about them, etc. If you cannot identify a person, better send your money to trusted accounts.

  • If you have a car, inform the volunteer centers about your readiness to help. Don’t rush to help on your own. Remember, if you act in a chaotic way, you hinder the military and municipal services.

  • If you respond to a post on social media, make sure the request for help is still relevant:

    • Learn “what”, “where”, and “how” you can help;
    • Ask for a phone number of the author to keep in touch in case there is no Internet;
    • Settle on coordination;
    • Communicate any info to the author in private messages, not publicly.
  • If you have already helped, inform the author immediately. Call or text them and ask to mark the task done.

  • Don’t share the requests from other people for no reason. Sharing it publicly, you take the responsibility to track it, coordinate the help, and notify once it’s done. Don’t share any extra info once you are not ready to take such responsibility.

  • If you can offer:

    • Food
    • Medicine
    • Fuel
    • Equipment
    • Accommodation
    • Logistics services

    Don’t post this on social media. Instead, it’s better to contact the volunteer centers in your city to offer your help indicating “what,” “where,” and “how” you are ready to help.

  • If you have already posted your offer to help on social media, it’s mandatory to notify once it’s not relevant anymore. Don’t mislead those who need help.

  • If your relatives or acquaintances are willing to help too, help them to get organized based on what you learned from these rules.

  • Support each other. If people make mistakes, don’t criticize them. Better help them and calmly explain how to help effectively.

  • Share this guide with anyone willing to help.

  • Keep calm and patient. Thank everyone who help. Your work is important. We will win.

Here is the list of trusted volunteer organizations as well as their contact details and accounts:

Comeback alive

Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation

National Bank of Ukraine

Important information for the media, bloggers and all citizens who photograph or write about war and the army

According to the ORDER of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, GENERAL VALERY ZALUZHNY:

What is categorically prohibited to be covered by the mass media during wartime:

  • names of bases and subdivisions, as well as their locations

  • the number of soldiers in bases and units

  • the number of weapons and equipment, their condition and place of storage

  • conditional marks of objects

Any information about:

  •  operations carried out or planned

  • system of protection and defense of military units

  • available military protection such as: weapons and equipment(except visible or obviously expressed)

  • procedure for engaging forces (military) and facilities (weapons)

  • intelligence gathering

  • movement and deployment of troops (names, numbers, routes)

  • military units and their tactics, methods of action

  • unique operations and their execution methods

  • the effectiveness of the enemy’s electronic warfare

  • postponed or canceled operations

  • missing or crashed aircraft, ship and search and rescue operations

  • plans for the security of our troops (disinformation, camouflage, countermeasures)

  • informational and psychological operations carried out or planned

  • propaganda or justification of russia’s large-scale armed aggression against Ukraine.

Do not post on social media:

  • consequences of hits by enemy’s missiles or projectiles or moments of their flight in the sky. By doing so you will help the enemy to adjust the fire.

  • time and place of “hits” (neither in publications nor in comments)

  • information about the work of the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces

  • a photo showing numbers, special markings and markings on destroyed or downed enemy equipment.

  • unverified information about victims or dead.

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